We are located within Langham Community Centre on School Road in Langham, Colchester, Essex.

Our postcode is CO4 5PA.  Please call- 07930963638 to arrange a visit.

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By langhampreschool, Jul 27 2017 09:28AM

For the last week of our Summer Term the children could see that the once purple juicy round grapes had now shrivelled up and turned into raisins. They were very excited to eat these at snack time and said they were delicious and even tasted like raisins!

The children decided to have a pirate’s day on the climbing frame. They made telescopes and with help chalked a map to search for treasure in the sand pit.

We had a walk up to the Shepherd Public House to take a card made by the children to say a big thank you for the donation from their quiz night.

We held our Annual Sports Day event on the recreation ground. All the children participated in a range of races cheering on their friends. We had plenty of supporters and the mums and dads races were hotly contested...the spirit of friendly competitiveness!

Following on from our Sports Day we sadly said farewell to our leavers who are moving onto primary school in September to embark on their next adventure and exciting chapter in their lives. We wish all the children and their families the very best.

Pre-School’s out for Summer. We return on Monday 4th September when we welcome our new children and returning children back to Pre-School.

Don’t forget to share what your child gets up to in the holidays on your child’s unique tapestry online account. It’s a lovely way to share their adventures over the summer holidays and look back on memories made.

By langhampreschool, Jul 8 2017 01:16PM

This week we have been experimenting by putting dinosaur eggs in water to hatch. The children have been very excited watching the eggs hatch into dinosaurs. We are also recording the transformation of the once purple, juicy, round grapes that are shrivelling up and will over time turn into raisins.

The children have also had great fun playing in the 2 dark tents and making shadows with torches.

We have also been practising for Sport’s Day which takes place on Friday 21st July followed by our Leavers Presentation.

Finally, many thanks to the Shepherd Public House who have donated £100 from their quiz night to the Pre-School.

By langhampreschool, Jul 1 2017 06:14PM

We have been learning all about Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of the month of Ramadan. Eid is a time when Muslims are celebrating the end of fasting. Realising other people’s faiths and traditions around the world is important to us.

For snack the children have made their own sandwiches to eat and have enjoyed cutting them into shapes.

This week the children have enjoyed playing group memory games such as Kim’s and various lotto games. This has involved taking turns and concentration skills.

We welcomed Mrs Arter Class 1 Teacher from Langham Primary School on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. She spoke to all the children individually who are moving onto the school in September. The children were keen to show her their unique online learning journey and share achievements.

By langhampreschool, Jun 24 2017 07:06PM

Thank you for sharing how your Sunflower seeds are growing by posting pictures on your child’s tapestry page. It has been great seeing how they are growing and comparing the heights of the Sunflowers with the ones growing at Pre-School.

This week we have enjoyed making 3D Sunflowers practising our scissor skills and painting pictures of Sunflowers by mixing paints. The children have been looking at paintings of Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh and creating their own masterpieces.

To aid a smooth transition for children moving onto Langham Primary School in September and to continue to build strong links, Mel our Manager had the opportunity to stay with the children on Friday for one of their induction afternoons. This Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Mrs Arter, Class 1 Teacher from Langham Primary School, will be visiting to share information and for the children to show them their unique on-line Learning Journal.

Saturday afternoon, Mel, Nahida and Jana helped run a successfully stall at Camulos Academy School’s fete.



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