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By langhampreschool, Oct 21 2017 03:56PM

This week we have been comparing the sizes and weights of the pumpkins that were kindly donated to us by Tesco Highwoods for the children to carve for our Autumn Pumpkin Party on Thursday 26th October. The children had fun scooping out the contents of some pumpkins which we used to make pumpkin soup. For our soup we also added potato, salt, pepper, paprika spice, water and a stock cube. The children were able to taste the soup for snack and we decided to buy some bread from the Community Shop (on site) to dip into the soup.

On our return after the half term break, we will be carving another pumpkin to enter the Shepherd’s Public House ‘jack-o-lantern’ competition.

This week we have also been celebrating the Hindu Festival Diwali (festival of lights). The children have enjoyed the experience of exploring clay and becoming aware of the changes in the clay between wet and dry / soft and hard to make a diva lamp, which they were then able to paint.

The children decorated a rangoli design with coloured rice. Rangoli is a traditional Indian art of decorating the entrance to a house and is thought to bring good luck. Using pasta, dried peas and lentils the children made their own patterns by placing them on clay they had flattened with their hands.

Books, Posters and Videos helped the children to grasp a better understanding of the Diwali Hindu festivities.

The Pre-School returns on Monday 30th October, however, why not join us for our Annual Autumn Pumpkin Party this Thursday for lots of fun. Everyone is welcome.

By langhampreschool, Oct 13 2017 12:08PM

This week we have been finding out about harvesting as we have been seeing lots of tractors around the village.

We have been exploring what can be transformed into something else that we eat or drink.

The children have investigated where milk comes from and how it comes out of a cow. Using a glove filled with water and small holes in the finger tips, they used squeezing actions to make the water come out. They also learnt what else milk can be turned into and tried their hand in making butter.

Cutting and sticking of fruit and vegetable baskets led into a discussion about how fruit and vegetables are harvested.

The children have enjoyed making bread rolls kneading dough and observing the changes in the dough. We have read the story ‘Little Red Hen’ who grows grain, harvests the wheat, bakes bread without any help from her farm friends, but how they wanted to share her delicious bread! The children decided that maybe next time her friends would be more willing to help so the hen would share her bread she made.

The children were keen to find out from the internet about the process of planting, caring for and harvesting the grain.

Instead of paintbrushes, the children painted with carrots, investigating different movements the carrot could make on the paper.

We always like to receive feedback from parents especially on activities they have participated in.

Last weekend the staff all got together and went bowling. Outside the children tried their hand at bowling and I must say were better at aiming than the staff!!!

Next week we will celebrate the Indian Hindu festival ‘Diwali’ (festival of lights).

By langhampreschool, Oct 9 2017 09:39AM

This week we have been busy creating Autumn Crafts to display at our Annual Pumpkin Party on Thursday 26th October. The children have been very creative making spiders, decorating pumpkin and Halloween shapes with paint, and cutting and sticking with a range of different materials with lots of glitter used!

The children always enjoy cooking and we made cakes decorated with our logo for our MacMillan Coffee Mornings held on Thursday and Friday. Thank you if you donated a cake. We had a lovely selection making it difficult for some of the staff to choose from, resulting in a lot of consumption of cake over 2 days. Many thanks if you supported this event. £40 was raised for this worthwhile cause.

By langhampreschool, Oct 2 2017 09:24AM

We started off the week with dough disco. The children helped make the dough first before moulding the dough in time to music and performing different actions such as rolling it into a ball, flattening it, putting each individual finger into the dough, rolling it into a sausage and squeezing it. This activity helps to strengthen children's fine motor muscles to enable them to develop their pencil grip which in turn will help to develop their writing skills. But most of all it's fun!

Another great idea for children and is helpful in increasing their concentration level and fine motor skills is poking straws through holes. We used colanders for children to poke straws through.

We collected fallen leaves to use in craft activities and were able to categorise the leaves by shape, size and colour.

To finish off the week we carried out a Fire Drill sensibly and safely. All the children were awarded a Certificate to take home.

By langhampreschool, Sep 23 2017 06:03PM

This week we have continued to enjoy messy play activities by exploring and experimenting by mixing paints and exploring the properties of substances combined. We have been feeling the textures of shaving foam, cooked spaghetti, flour and baby oil, cornflour and hair conditioner and cocoa powder and hair conditioner. Good descriptive words have been used such as ‘squidgy’ ‘slimy’ ‘gooey’.

Messy play can help children to relax as it is a very soothing activity.

The great thing about messy play is that little additional equipment is necessary – children use their hands and fingers, feet and bodies to experiment with.

Outside the children have enjoyed parachute games. The children worked together listening to instructions and pre-positions were introduced such as on top and under.

On Friday we supported Jeans for Genes by wearing our jeans to Pre-School for a small donation.

For your information we will no longer upload images where the child can easily be identified on social media. In future we will upload photographs, where the child cannot be easily identified.



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