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By langhampreschool, Mar 16 2018 06:06PM

Due to rescheduling our celebration of World Book Day, the children have been sharing their love of reading by uploading photographs of books they enjoy to read and dressing up as their favourite book character this week. Not only is reading together fun but it will increase your child’s language comprehension and vocabulary.

The children enjoyed listening and acting out the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story and song with puppets as well as exploring our role play area that had been turned into the Three Bears house.

For Show & Tell the children could bring in objects that were green. We chose the colour green as people wear green on St Patrick’s Day, (the Patron Saint of Ireland), which is Ireland’s national colour. This led to a discussion about the different shades of green. We explored mixing yellow and blue primary colours to make our own colour green and the children enjoyed painting their own shamrocks and rainbow pictures to celebrate this festival.

The children enjoyed messy play by rolling cars through paint to make lots of tracks and patterns. This was a very popular activity with the children. The children also selected cars to have races on the floor saying ‘ready, steady, go’ and chatting amongst themselves which car went the furthest/slowest.

We turned the lights off and with torches the children had fun exploring making shadows.

In the mud kitchen the children used their imagination in play making cakes with a sand mixture.

We certainly finished the week with the sun shining and what better opportunity to paint the fence than by dipping a paintbrush into water and then watching the fence slowly drying in the sun!

During the February half-term we set the children a Sponsorship Colour Challenge by asking children to collect as many individual items/objects of one colour to fill a box. It is not too late to return your filled box and sponsorship money; so far we have received £146.00 (thank you) which will go towards purchasing a new paint easel for the children.

Next week we will be fundraising for Sport Relief. We hope the children will have lots of fun taking part in the active activities we have planned.

By langhampreschool, Mar 10 2018 01:50PM

This week the children have been busy making special cards and practising their mark making skills.

We have concentrated on developing the children’s fine motor skills which can be described as dexterity and involves the co-ordination of small muscles and movements of the hands, fingers and eyes. Fine motor skills development starts with basic grasp and then the pincer grasp and eye-hand co-ordination.

Fine motor skills can be promoted in many ways and with all ages. The children have had the opportunity to explore and develop these skills through activities such as: poking straws/pipe cleaners through colander holes, threading, nuts and bolts, tweezers, scissors, puzzles, building with construction equipment to name just a few.

The children have also used their imagination in play by choosing animal masks and acting out different movements.

For Show & Tell the children have been sharing photographs of their mums and family. This offers a lovely opportunity for the children to talk about people who are special to them. Show & Tell is a great activity to develop children’s social, emotional and language skills which will grow and develop from this activity as the children learn to use descriptive language, practice listening skills and share their special items with others. Sharing prized possessions with peers makes for a fun and comfortable learning platform for everyone involved.

Next week we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland. At Langham Pre-School we like to explore a range of festivals and faiths, allowing the children to develop an understanding of the diverse community in which we live. The children will also be able to dress up as their favourite book character and share their love of reading by bringing in a photograph or uploading one directly to your child’s tapestry page of them sharing a story they enjoy with a grown up for our display.


By langhampreschool, Mar 2 2018 11:49AM

On Monday the children had fun working together mixing colours to create a colourful masterpiece to celebrate the Hindu Festival of Holi, also known as the festival of colours.

To celebrate World Book Day the children enjoyed looking through a range of books in order to complete a Scavenger Hunt. They had great fun working together and finding a book with a teddy, duck, train, princess, castle, witch, bus and fish.

Tuesday brought lots of smiles and excitement as the snow started falling. The children spent time outside making art with snow, tasting it, touching it, laying in it and feeling delighted in all that the snow brings.

However, due to the adverse weather conditions and police advice not to travel unless absolutely necessary, we reluctantly took the decision to close the Pre-School on Wednesday 28th February. On Thursday the staff took the decision to make the journey into Pre-School and although we opened briefly we decided to close after an hour, when the snow started falling heavily. With more snow predicted on Friday the Pre-School remained closed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

Have you ever seen a Winter like this? The snow is providing us with new terrain to teach and play in. Please continue to share your child’s experiences in the snow on your child’s online tapestry page.

We would also like for you to share photographs of you and your child sharing a story you enjoy. You can do this by uploading photographs on your child’s online tapestry page for us to print off so we can make a display to share our love of reading as a celebration of World Book Day.

Whatever you do we love to hear about it.

Stay safe and keep warm everyone.

By langhampreschool, Feb 24 2018 05:09PM

Welcome back after the half-term break. Thank you if you have shared significant events your child has been doing in the holidays or at home, on your child’s tapestry page. We love to hear about these and it’s a great talking point with the children and allows them to reflect on previous events. Please continue to share these.

We hope you have had fun in the half term holiday taking part in our sponsored colour box challenge. We look forward to seeing what colour the children have chosen and items they have collected in their box. Don’t forget to send in sponsorship money, which will go towards purchasing an art easel for the children.

This week we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year, which is one of the most colourful, traditional holidays celebrated by Chinese people all over the world. Our role play area became a Chinese Restaurant and for snack the children enjoyed trying noodles, rice and prawn crackers and experimented using chopsticks to eat with. All the children were given a fortune cookie and a chocolate coin in a red envelope to take home courtesy of a former parent whose children have moved onto primary school. These are lovely gifts and represent good wishes for the year ahead.

For messy play the children explored the texture of spaghetti with their hands. Plastic scissors were used to cut the spaghetti into different lengths and tweezers and chopsticks to transfer spaghetti into bowls. The children had lots of noddle fun!

The children have been able to find where China is on the globe and looking through books and searching the internet to find out more information about Chinese traditions.

We also looked at photos of the Great Wall of China before using building bricks to make our own.

The children were able to place animal cards in order to where they were placed in a race along time ago in China. For Show & Tell the children enjoyed bringing in an animal from home (not real). The children love showing their friends their items from home, this helps build effective communication and listening skills.

Dragon masks have also been decorated with tissue paper and paint and lanterns have been made practising our scissor skills.

We finished the week off by welcoming Emily from Frenchtastic from Kidslingo https://www.kidslingo.co.uk/area/french-classes-colchester-tendring/ for a taster session in French. The children thoroughly enjoyed this very interactive session learning French in a fun way through the use of songs, games and actions.

Next week we will learning and looking at the patron saint of Wales for St David’s Day and the Spring festival of Holi, which is the religious Hidu festival of colour and love celebrated in India.

Don’t forget for World Book Day (1st March) the children can dress up as their favourite book character.

By langhampreschool, Feb 11 2018 05:21PM

The weather this week has certainly been unpredictable. At the beginning of the week the children were excited to venture out in the snow and catch the snow-flakes as they started falling. After running and playing in the snow they observed the changes as the snow soon melted. At the end of the week the children had fun in the rain jumping in puddles.

Now it is getting colder, the children need to have a hat and gloves with them at each session, we go outside whatever the weather. The children are very good at putting on a wet suit to protect their clothing from the elements outside. Please remember there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. It also helps us a great deal if their name is clearly marked on all of their outdoor clothing and wellington boots are provided.

With Valentines day and Shrove Tuesday both happening in the half-term holiday, we celebrated these events early. The children have been creative making valentine cards with various materials, feathers and glitter. They have been practising their mark making skills writing messages to their loved ones in cards made.

The children have also been creative decorating Mardi Gras Masks using the official colours purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power. Mardi Gras is also called Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras traditions is about music, parades, floats and excitement. Celebrations are held the day before the fasting season of lent which begins on Ash Wednesday.

The children have had fun in the role play kitchen area tossing card pancakes. They have also been able to recognise numbers on pancakes and practise arranging these in numerical sequence.

To finish of the week the children made pancakes which they then enjoyed for snack. We have been singing the pancake song; Mix a pancake, stir a pancake, pop it in a pan, fry the pancake, toss the pancake, catch it if you can! The children have also enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Runaway Pancake’.

Next week is half-term and we hope you have fun taking part in our Sponsored Colour Challenge. We look forward to seeing what the children have collected in their box and what colour they have chosen.

Don’t forget to let us know what you get up to during half-term holidays. You can do this by uploading photographs to your child’s tapestry page. It is a lovely way to remember significant events and memories that we can talk to your child about.

As the Chinese New Year falls this year on the 16th February, we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year (Year of the the Dog) on our return to Pre-School on Monday 19th February. We will be doing various art and craft activities, cooking and reading stories about the Chinese New Year.

All children will be receiving a ‘Red Envelope’ with some chocolate coins enclosed courtesy from Mr Nick and Wing Pang. This is a lovely gift as ‘Red Envelopes’ is a way of sending good wishes and luck.

We hope you have a good half-term break and we look forward to our return on Monday 19th February.

Happy Chinese New Year – Shin-nee-an kwai le



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