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     Local Offer

for Children with Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)



The aim of this document is to enable families to see the support that they would receive for their child/ren in our setting.  It will provide clear information about what we already have in place to enable each child to achieve to their full potential, as well as offer reassurance, that we value the abilities and achievements of every child, and are committed to providing for each child the best possible environment for learning.


Langham Pre-School is an inclusive setting with a wealth of experience in supporting and promoting children’s needs, learning and development.  We view all children as unique and our provision promotes the development of the whole child as active, confident and imaginative learners by providing an environment which, engages their playing and exploring and allows the child the opportunity to create and think critically during their play.


We encourage co-operative play between all children helping them to understand value and respect the opinions and ideas of others.

1. How our setting knows if young children need extra help and what our parents/carers should do if they think their child may have SEND.

•At Langham Pre-School we treat every child as an individual.

•Each child at Langham Pre-School is allocated a key-person. This key-person will work with you to help settle your child into the group, whilst building up positive relationships, understanding their needs, care routines, interests and learning styles.  This information is obtained through observation and informal chats with parents.

•From the outset your key-person will involve you by asking you to complete key information about your child, helping us to understand their interests, likes/dislikes and favourite toys/games/places.  Initial information is fed into your child’s ‘starting points’ assessment.

•During your child’s time with us, regular observations are carried out by your key-person and other staff who work closely with your child, so that any new concerns are picked up quickly and acted upon.

•Every child at Langham Pre-School will have their own individual learning journal.  We use a piece of educational software called ‘Tapestry’.  This allows you to view your child’s observations and photographs from their time at Langham Pre-School, online almost as they happen!  Tapestry allows you, as your child’s primary educator, to add observations and photographs of your own as well as share your comments.  We love to hear about learning and WOW moments from home to share with your child in Langham Pre-School. You will also be able to share with your key-person activities that your child has enjoyed.

•Your child will have a progress check before their third birthday, using information from pre-school observations, your health visitor’s 2 year check where available, and, importantly, information from you as your child’s main carer.  This progress check helps us to identify children who may need or benefit from extra support or provision at an early stage.

•You should initially talk to your child’s key-person should you have any concerns about your child. The key-person will work with the parent/carer and will develop a day to day rapport with them informing them about the child’s activities in the group and will be available especially at the beginning and end of each session to answer any questions.

•If your child enters the setting with a known SEND we will collect as much information as possible prior to entry, so that we can prepare our environment accordingly, and will include liaising with any other professionals already involved with the child.

•All staff are experienced and hold relevant qualifications for working in the early year’s sector and continually update and develop their knowledge, so that they can recognise when children need support.



2. How our setting supports young children with SEND.

•We consider ourselves to be inclusive, creating a safe, secure and happy environment that is suitable for all children to flourish.

•We have excellent facilities and resources within the setting.

•Our practitioners are welcoming and friendly, providing a sensitive and positive approach.  They provide good role models for positive behaviour and are consistent in the day-to-day care of all our children.  We are flexible in our routines to provide a positive environment for your child’s needs and provide personal care such as changing nappies.

•Visual strategies, such as a visual timetable may be used to help them understand our routines.

•We concentrate on promoting their Personal, Social and Emotional skills, building on what they can already do and creating challenges to build their confidence and self-esteem.

•Every individual child is cared for with equal importance no matter what their additional need may be. The staff at Langham Pre-School treat all the children equally, but recognises some children require additional support with a specific need and work their hardest to achieve this during their time at our Pre-School through a range of SEND strategies.

•We ensure that children with special educational needs are appropriately involved in the graduated approach, taking into account their levels of ability.

•Each child will follow an individual plan tailored to their specific needs. Through continual observations and planning we can assess where your child is and work towards their ‘next steps’.

•If we begin to have concerns about development or identify a SEND, your child's key-person and setting SENCO Melanie Everett will discuss this with you.

•Together we will put in place strategies to support your child within the setting and at home where necessary.

•If there is limited or no progress the SENCO and key-person will implement ‘One Planning’, offering specific areas of support to be monitored and regularly reviewed. Throughout this process, the SENCO and key-person will discuss strategies and concerns with you, so that you are fully involved in your child’s aspirations and the outcomes you wish them to seek and the support they need to achieve them.

•The SENCO will liaise with other professionals (with your permission) such as Speech and Language Therapists, Early Years Advisory teachers, Health Visitors and Area SENCO to gain further advice in supporting you and your child.  We will then work collaboratively to ensure advice and strategies are implemented.

•All reports, assessments and advice from outside agencies are used to inform ‘One Plan’ targets and strategies. Where possible and appropriate, all professionals involved with your child will be invited to review meetings to enable integrated support.

3. How our setting creates learning and development opportunities for individual children with SEND.

•The key-person will plan for your child’s development based on observations of your child and evidence gained for their learning journey.  The environment your child plays in will be appropriate for their needs and additional support and resources will be supplied as appropriate.

•Langham Pre-School supports children with a range of additional educational needs; this enables the child to access all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

•Special Educational Needs are generally thought of in 4 broad areas of need and support:

             Communication and Interaction

             Cognition and Learning

             Social, Emotional and Mental Health

             Sensory and/or Physical Needs

•We use the graduated approach access -> plan -> do -> review for supporting children and to ensure children progress.

4. How our setting works in partnership with parents/carers.

•A strong relationship between Langham Pre-School and parents is important to us.

•We value the knowledge you have on your child and want to work closely with you to ensure that your child’s learning is effective.

•Each child has their own ‘Learning Journey’, which is unique to them.  This can be accessed at any time, sharing with you our findings, gaining your thoughts and ideas.

•We value the parents and carers sharing in their child’s learning and development and parents are encouraged to take the learning journey book home to look at and to add to. Your child's learning journey book helps us to celebrate together her/his achievements and to work together to provide what your child needs for his/her well-being and to make progress. You and the Key-person will then decide on how to help your child to move on to the next stage.

5. How our setting supports the wellbeing of young children with SEND.

•We offer ‘settling in’ sessions which will familiarise your child with the pre-school and their key-person and will enable support for your child to be discussed during these sessions.

•Care routines will be discussed including nappy changing.

•We are able to administer prescribed medicines once the appropriate form has been completed.  If additional training is required to administer medicines we will undertake this as necessary.

•Promoting positive behaviour is important to us.  We will always discuss any behavioural concerns we may have with you in order to maintain a consistent approach between home and the setting.

•The safety of all our children is paramount.  Children are only allowed to leave the premises with a named and authorised person.  We will not release a child to anyone other than a parent without your written authority.

6. Staff training and experience in supporting young children with SEND.

•All staff members are experienced and qualified practitioners who access training on a regular basis.

•Staff use Makaton sign language and encourage children to participate.  We feel that this not only enables communication, but also reduces frustration and promotes emotional intelligence.

•We are committed to making the children’s time at Langham Pre-School a happy time.  

           Specific staff have experience in the following areas: -

-Working with children with behavioural difficulties

-Working with children with Speech, Communication and Language needs

-Working with children on the Autism Spectrum

•Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCO’s) within the setting is Melanie Everett and has attended SEND training and obtained the Gateway Level 3 Award in ‘The Role of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator in Early Years Settings’

•All our staff have undertaken Safeguarding Training and the majority of our staff are Paediatric First Aid trained.

•As well as our SENCo we have lead persons responsible for Behaviour Management, Equality, Health and Safety and Safeguarding

•We have experience of supporting children with allergies.

•We continually review our practice and will attend training when a particular need is identified.

7. Specialist services and expertise accessed by our setting

•Langham Preschool works closely with the local Area SENC0 and outside agencies such as Speech and Language Therapists, Health Visitors, Family Support Workers and Specialist Teachers.

•We have a good relationships with other services within and round our community, and can assist you by accessing the Toddler group, school and facilities at the local Children’s Centre.

8. How our setting includes young children with SEND in community based activities and outings.

•All visits or trips would be planned in order to include all of our children. We will endeavour to include parents/carers in the planning of any visit off site to identify the needs of your child. All parents are invited to join us on our trip.

•Risk assessments are always undertaken for outings and short walks around the community and any events that we hold such as sport’s day.

•A mobile phone and first aid kit is always carried on trips and activities within the community.

•We would also take along any necessary aides or medication.  

9. Our accessible environment.

•If the family has English as a second language, we would seek advice.

•We have our own purpose built building on the grounds of the Community Centre.  Our setting is on one level and is fully accessible to a wheelchair inside and outside.  We have a disabled toilet.  There is ample parking with disabled parking bays.

•There are signs and symbols around the playroom, helping children identify the areas of play.

•We are happy to work with families to access any specialist equipment needed.

•Additional funding is sometimes available for children with the most significant needs.

•We undertake risk assessments on the pre-school building every day before the children arrive.  We also regularly risk assess all of our toys and equipment and review appropriately.

10. How our setting prepares and supports young children with SEND when joining the setting and when transferring to another setting or school

•Your child will attend a settling in session before they begin at Langham Pre-School. This allows the child time to play, becoming familiar with the environment and for you both to meet your key person.

•Once your child begins at Pre-School we work closely with you to establish a settling in routine that works for your child.

•The settling in process continues for as long as the child requires and is helped by the information gathered from parent/carer.

•If a child attends more than one setting, we share developmental records with that setting.

•Children will visit their new school and their new teachers are invited to come into Langham Pre-School to meet the child within the setting.

•We have close links with our surrounding school and teachers from these visit our setting, whilst the children themselves also visit the school.

•We focus on readiness for school with our children.   A transition passport will be completed, thereby ensuring consistency of information transfer to schools across the district.

•All of this allows for a smoother transition.

11. How our setting organises its resources to meet the needs of young children with SEND.

•We ensure that all our staff are aware of our Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy and the procedures for identifying, assessing and making provision for children with SEND.

•Activities and equipment are modified to allow all children to access them.

•For children with more significant needs funding may be awarded by panel from Essex County Council to enable us to employ additional members of staff to support the child or to buy necessary equipment.

•We have added support from an Area SENCO who would sign-post us to other sources if necessary.

12. How we decide on appropriate support for young children with SEND

•The key-person and SENCO will work with you to determine your child’s needs. We work closely with our local Area SENCO. Depending on the individual child’s needs we will make contact with outside agencies, where necessary.

13. How we involve all parents/carers in our setting

•Newsletters and information is displayed in the pre-school room and foyer.  Notices are put up on the front door highlighting what is happening at Pre-School and a list of learning intentions and activities are displayed in the pre-school room enabling you to further support your child’s learning.

•You will be invited to attend regular meetings to discuss your child’s progress and celebrate their success.

•If needed we will use a communication book, so that you can gain an understanding of what your child has experienced on a daily basis.

•As a committee run pre-school, we are always looking for parents to be involved with the group.  This could be by joining the committee or becoming a volunteer parent helper (this does not have to be on a regular basis).  We are always pleased to have parents stay for a session or part of a session to play with the children.

•We also encourage parents who have a particular skill or interest to come in and share this with the children.

•We operate an open door policy. Parents have access to talk to staff at the beginning and end of sessions, and can also make an appointment to meet with them at other times

14. Who to contact for further information.

If your child has a Special Educational Need or you would like to know how we can support them, please contact us by:-

email langham.pre-school@bt.connect.com  phone   07930 963638 or via our website www.langhampreschool.co.uk


Melanie Everett – Manager / SENCO

We have policies and procedures in place to make sure the children in our care are safe.

Our policies are available to view in full at the preschool or on our website.