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By langhampreschool, Jul 16 2018 01:01PM

This week we have been continuing with our sports day practise in preparation for next Friday 20th July 2018.

What an exciting week we have had!

On Tuesday we enjoyed watching the spectacular fly over of aircraft on there way to London for the Queens RAF celebration event. Children ate their lunch outside in our garden area in order not to miss it. There was much excitement when the planes flew over-head and children rushed to the fence to get a better look. We commented on the differences we observed such as colours and sizes. Some children then made their own paper planes to fly in the garden.

On Thursday we had a visit from Alfie the tortoise. We watched him walking around and had a ‘stroke’ of his shell. We learnt that there are different types of tortoise which are different sizes and colours and that Alfie is a Red Foot Tortoise. We fed him some of his favourite food lettuce but he was far to busy meeting all the children to eat it!

Next Monday we will be meeting at Hall Farm at 10am for our annual summer trip.

Please remember water bottles sun-cream and hats for our sports morning next Friday!

By langhampreschool, Jul 9 2018 11:27AM

This week we have been practising for our upcoming Sports Morning on Friday 20th July. Children have been developing their physical skills alongside turn-taking and listening skills and have been working incredibly hard! What fun it has been with the races proving to be very popular indeed!

Children have been getting creative using a variety of different papers in bold colours to make sticking pictures. Using runny glue is not only great fun but helps children with their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor development when spreading the glue with the spreaders.

On Wednesday we did a little nature exploring in the field around pre-school. We collected a wide variety of items to make our own ‘fairy garden’. The children found leaves, foliage, twigs, pebbles, petals, grass and even a feather. We added these items to those we had already (soil, sand and water) and worked together until our ‘fairy garden’ was complete.

We have had lots of fun with the foam again this week. The children delighted in discovering items which had been covered. Children were encouraged to describe the items using their senses and then guess what it could be before wiping away the foam.

Pre-school would like to say a big thank you to Karl Birt who has kindly made and donated a wooden herb garden planter for our outdoor space. We look forward to planting this with the children, pictures will follow shortly!

A reminder that next week we have a VIP (Very Important Pet) joining us on Thursday morning. We are lucky to have the opportunity for Alfie the tortoise to visit Pre-school and are really looking forward to meeting him. Please can parents return their consent slips if they wish their child to participate. If you would like your child to attend on this day as an additional session, please speak to a member of staff to arrange. Remember you can use your discount vouchers towards any additional sessions.

Next week Mrs Arter will be visiting Pre-school to meet with our school leavers and their Key Persons as part of our ongoing transition plans for school.

By langhampreschool, Jul 3 2018 12:30PM

This week we have been embracing the hot weather and the children asked for a paddling pool to help us cool down. We all sat on chairs around the water tray and dipped our toes in, children shared their experiences and spoke about paddling pools in their gardens and about trips to the seaside and dipping their toes in the sea.

We have been observing changes and talking about what we notice a lovely example of this has been when playing with the cornflour in the tuff tray. Children delighted in how the cornflour changed in appearance and feel when water was added and marvelled at how the consistency changed when pushing and squeezing the mixture or ran through their fingers when no pressure was applied.

Also this week we made another dinosaur swap (proving a popular choice with many!) Children began by placing the dinosaurs in dry compost for the ground but when it ‘rained’ with children transferring water from the water tray nearby it soon turn into a swap land. What a lot of muddy fun was had!

We enjoyed a little trip to the local shop as we were all feeling a bit hot on Thursday and fancied an ice lolly after our lunch. Children spoke about what colour and flavours they would like and were very happy to find there was plenty of choice as the freezer had just been restocked (what a bit of luck!). Children noted that the ice-lollies melted quite quickly and we talked about this happening because of the heat of the sun in the summertime.

On Friday we had our very own ‘Pet Parlour’ as named by one of our children and enjoyed bathing our puppies. Children pumped washing liquid and lathered up the toy puppies before rinsing them and leaving them to sunbathe and dry in the sun.

Next week we will be practising for our sports day events.

Polite reminder- please can children come in with sun-cream applied and a sunhat whilst it is so hot outside. Can children also bring in a named water bottle too please.

By langhampreschool, Jun 26 2018 08:43PM

This week has been a very busy week!

On Monday morning we welcomed Clair our new bank member of staff to the setting.

The children enjoyed exploring custard and were encouraged to experience and describe the texture and to notice change when adding red paint to make ‘Tubbie’ custard. What a lot of fun was had!

On Monday afternoon our school leavers along with Nicola enjoyed a visit to Reception Class at Langham Primary School. The children had a great time and were very excited to tell us all about it! There has also been a lot of teacher/pupil role play where children are drawing on their first-hand experiences and applying these in their play.

On Tuesday children have been filling and emptying containers in the water tray (which had yellow then red water as chosen by the children!). This activity as well as being great fun helps children to develop hand-eye co-ordination, explore cause and effect, develop their concepts of measurement and capacity.

On Wednesday we visited the shop to buy some fruit for snack. Children chose what fruit they would like and together composed a list. We took the list and a small trolley to the shop, finding the fruit on our list and putting it carefully into the trolley. After paying we went back to pre-school and all helped to cut up the fruit ready for snack which we shared together.

This week we have been clearing our gardening area in preparation for growing new plants and planting them out with the children. This provided a great opportunity to talk again about growing and to observe minibeasts in the earth.

Reminder – as we continue to enjoy the hot weather can parents/ carers please apply sun-cream and a named sun-cream bottle for us to re-apply during the day along with a sunhat.

We look forward to our Open Morning on Tuesday 26th June 2018.

By langhampreschool, Jun 17 2018 05:49PM

On Monday afternoon many of our September leavers visited Mrs Arter at Langham Primary School with their parents as part of their transition into Reception Year. Children will be joined by Nicola next Monday afternoon when they have a further visit to Reception Class.

This week we have shared the stories ‘My Dad is Awesome’ by Nick Butterworth and ‘My Dad is My Hero’ by Dawn Richards and Jane Massey. Children have been very busy making beautiful cards for Fathers Day this Sunday.

This week children have been extremely busy (and messy) exploring in the mud kitchen. There have been lots of mud pies and ‘chocolate cake’ and some children have been noticing change as they mix to combine compost, water, sand and grass.

There has been plenty of opportunity for the children to water the garden and discuss the need for the flowers to have a ‘drink’ with the warm weather continuing. Children have been pouring and measuring when filling and emptying containers in the water tray which support both mathematical language of capacity and hand-eye co-ordination.

The easel continues to be popular with some fabulous pieces of art being produced and mark making taking place.

Following children’s interests, we have made Gingerbread men from salt dough and enjoyed re-telling the traditional tale of the Gingerbread man. We will be painting these and discussing feelings and emotions when drawing faces on our Gingerbread men.

Thank you to parents who have sent in metal tins for our music shed. The new music shed is looking great and children have been exploring sounds by tapping, shaking and banging various metal items.

Next Monday morning we will be joined by Clair Vicary who will be working with the pre-school as a Bank Practitioner, providing cover for permanent staff when required. We would like to say a warm welcome and hope that Clair will enjoy her time with us.

Polite reminder - can children please remember to bring in sunhats, sun-cream and a named water bottle.



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