Our week at pre-school

Posted on January 10, 2020 by LPS1

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

On Monday we played with large scale lego and created lots of walls and towers! We did a variety of sponge painting using different textures and media, and had a playdough kitchen, and the children really liked making pies and cakes and pies and putting them in the oven!

On Tuesday, we began making our mark, our display for this term, using black, white and tones in-between to create handprints and experiment with white on black and vice versa, we also continued our playdough kitchen.

On Wednesday we did our daily Yoga session, this is something that we are doing with the children each day to give them additional balance, coordination and control, and is also very good at calming down after outdoor activities. We also did a number and numeral matching activity that the children really enjoyed!

On Thursday the children were practicing writing their names and continuing with practicing their phonics and beginning to introduce new tricky words, which they are taking home to practice. We continued with the black and white board and the children finished making their jigsaws of themselves.

On Friday we did imaginative play and had lots of Peppa Pig out. They loved the Peppa wizards, we also had a donation of dinosaurs today, that the children also spent lots of time with and really liked the imaginative play. Thank you to Charlotte Parker for our donation of wonderful toys! We also did our Yoga session, and we continued to practice our phonics and tricky words.

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