Our week at Pre-School

Posted on January 17, 2020 by LPS1

On Monday we continued to practice our phonics and our daily yoga. We also continued to experiment with black and white, and used black ink on white paint to drag the ink and make marks. We also got a new game, Crazy Blender! The children loved throwing in the ingredients and shouting out what they needed!

On Tuesday, we did opposite pictures of white paint on black card and dragged the paint using sticks. We also had lots of chatter with the children about what they did well today, they used lots of positive language to describe the great things they had accomplished today!

On Wednesday we did a large-scale paint mixing activity, we also extended this by adding glue, flour and water to the mixture to see what happens! We also continued to practice our pencil control and did our yoga and phonics. We also enjoyed exploring the new sensory toy box, that has a new controllable car that the children really enjoyed.

On Thursday we continued our yoga and our phonics, and we did large scale building with the soft play, the children decided to make a house! We also explored the ICT equipment.

On Friday we did our daily yoga, practiced our phonics and played with the doll’s house and incorporated the happy land people in the village, we also did lots of lego structures and more pencil control with the stencils.

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