Our week at Pre-School

Posted on January 24, 2020 by LPS1

On Monday we did small scale sticking with various small media, such as buttons and wool, we had lots of fun in the dolls house and the dinosaurs came out to play as well! We also practised our daily yoga and our phonics, with the lions doing work on reading their tricky words.

On Tuesday we explored shadows and set up an activity with torches to make shadows and try to make shape silhouettes, this was greatly received by the children and they then extended their play to use the snug as a den with their torches. We also did string painting, the children really liked moving the string around the paper and making marks! We also went outside and did rubbings on different surfaces, such as the different trees and the textures of the walls.

On Wednesday we did a large-scale junk modelling, using lots of household items, to make robots and buildings, and even a windmill! We also did a cooking activity and made raspberry jam tarts with hearts on, again the children loved the rolling out and the mess of the flour!

On Thursday we continued our yoga and our phonics, and we had a child led game of hide and seek which they really loved, and spent a long time counting and choosing who's turn it was to go next. We also did large scale lego activity which the children really loved, and we also did some scissor control and asked the children to cut out items from magazines and make a collage.

On Friday we made more jam tarts and continued with our yoga, we also discussed with the children about Chinese New Year and watched a short clip about the Chinese dragon, and then we did some Chinese mark making.  We also continued our pencil control worksheets, practiced our phonics and our daily yoga.

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