Our week at Pre-School

Posted on February 7, 2020 by LPS1

On Monday the children helped make the playdough. This was started by a group of children who were in the home corner and were pretending to make some dinner. An adult then asked if they would like to make some playdough so that they were then able to create the foods they’d like to serve to each other. The children also enjoyed exploring our new lock puzzle and were working together to figure out how to open the different locks.

Tuesday, we enjoyed some water play and played in the garden for the whole day! The weather has been much better this week and we have therefore spent much more time outside. The children also made a firepit out of wood and got some stones from the mud kitchen to pretend that they were marshmallows. They pretended to toast them over the firepit and sing some songs around the fire.

Wednesday, we bathed our babies and gave them a well deserved clean! The children also explored the mud kitchen outside and enjoyed making mud pies for each other. They got very messy which then led to children having to get dressed. Most children were able to get changed independently and some with a little adult support. After Easter, we will be introducing PE which will support more independence for children getting themselves changed.

Thursday, we had a move around in the garden which the children loved! They were able to explore the areas in new places which we had many comments about. As well as being outside, we had pasta and rice with the measuring scales. Children used lots of maths vocabulary (example: heavy/light) to explain how the scales were looking.

On Friday, the children made a picnic outside in the playhouse. They served each other some food and then swapped so each child had a turn. This conversation turned into talking about ‘good foods’ and ‘bad foods’ and what sorts of foods we should have more and less of. The children then had a treat for lunch which the children agreed that we shouldn’t have a lot of because they’re not a healthy choice. Maria got the children chips from the chip van. The children enjoyed the chips with some tomato sauce for lunch.

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