Our week at Pre-School

Posted on February 14, 2020 by LPS1

On Monday we continued to practice our phonics and our daily yoga, we did a cooking activity for Valentine’s Day, the children made the mixture and then decorated them with icing for their chosen loved one, we also made a card, which the children coloured in. We also had a cornflake train track, and the children used imaginative language to describe the texture.

On Tuesday we did a threading activity that encouraged the children to use their fine motor control. The children made themselves necklaces with the string and cotton reals.

On Wednesday we used flour to make marks using a variety of different utensils, they really loved the activity and called it snow! We also had an activity with the scales, and the children did very well at trying to balance each side with bricks, dinosaurs and farm animals, they used lots of lovely mathematical language in their play.

On Thursday we did some number and shape games on the iPad. The children had to recognise shapes and put them in the right shapes mouth and then we moved onto number games where the children were either recognising numbers 1 – 5 or 1 – 10 or even 1 – 20 (age and stage depending). The children enjoyed this activity, and each helped each other where needed.

On Friday we made a mess with icing sugar and paint, the children began with primary colours and then we extended their play by asking them what colours they would like and how they could mix them together, we also spent some time on the laptops, enabling children to make choices as to what game they wanted and to help with their mouse control.

Next week is half term! We hope you have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you back on Monday 24th February 2020.

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