Our week at Pre-School

Posted on March 13, 2020 by LPS1

This week we’ve been able to access the outside area a lot more than usual! The weather has been much brighter which means the children have explored things such as the insects outside. This led to trying to find other insects that lived outside in our garden such as snails, ants and spiders. The children were very keen to observe these and talk about what foods they eat to survive. We have also enjoyed the sand outside which have been mixed with oats to create a texture. The children have been filling the sieve with the oats and sand which has then separated the oats and sand in the tray. We have recently had a new caterpillar delivered for the outside area which is a tunnel. The children have used their imaginations to create that they’re on a bus and used a steering wheel to sit on top of the caterpillar and drive each other around.

On Tuesday we visited the farm! It was so much fun seeing the new baby lambs, stroking a chicken and seeing the baby piglets. Thank you to those parents/carers who supported us in walking the children to the farm and back again. We really appreciate your help.

The children have enjoyed doing yoga everyday this week as part of a daily calm down routine before their lunch.

We have also been focusing on our cutting skills this week. We put some straight and wiggly lines on a piece of paper and the children had to hold and gain control of the scissors to carefully cut along the lines. The children enjoyed this activity, and each expressed their achievements between themselves and with adults too.

The baby group that we run on a Wednesday is proving popular. We are really enjoying this group and it’s great to see so many parents and the outside community becoming involved with it. A big thank you to those who support us by coming!

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