Our week at Pre-School

Posted on March 20, 2020 by LPS1

This week we have been making surprises for the special ladies in our life to give to them on Sunday 22nd March 2020. All children have made a special card and gift. We hope you like them.

We have been getting creative by cutting and sticking, using our new creative station which has been replenished with crayons, felt tips, pencils, glue, scissors, Sellotape and lots more for the children to use.

We have loved being outside again this week and the children have been making ramps from bits round the garden to put plastic balls down the ramp and then quickly running through the tunnel to try and catch their ball. We have also gone to collect mud so that the children are able to play in the mud kitchen as this week we’ve had a big tidy up in the garden to make it look more inviting for the children! The children were keen to help join in by sweeping the tiles on the floor and collecting all the toys up from around the garden. The children also washed all the mud kitchen equipment so that they’re ready to use again!

Other activities we have had out this week are lego where children have built their own houses. Zoo animals where the children have pretended to be the animal and interacted together through being an animal.

The children requested dancing which we have done plenty of. The song requests have been baby shark and the freeze song. This is a great way of shaking some energy off with children and they enjoy it so much.

Next week, we shall remain open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for key workers in our community. If you are unsure if you fit into this category, please speak to a member of staff as Maria has now spoken to all of the families who are entitled to our childcare service.
Also, If you are a key worker and you need childcare, please contact us in 07930 963638! Thank you.

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