Our week at Pre-School

Posted on June 19, 2020 by LPS1

This week we've had a fun packed week.

We started off by taking Woody (our pre-school rabbit) to the vets on Monday morning. He went for his yearly injections and a nail trim. He was very good and when he got back to pre-school, we treated him with lots of vegetables.
We've also been doing some construction work with wood, nails and hammers. We've been improving our hand-eye coordination.
On Wednesday we had our lions sports day! We did lots of races such as running backwards, egg and spoon race and an obstacle course with a slide in! The children all got a lockdown medal for taking part as unfortunately due to current circumstance, parents/ carers were unable to attend.
On Thursday we heard something in the sky... the next minute, we see four black helicopters! They children all agreed they made lots of noise and were very cool to see.

We played games such as recognising numbers and colours. The children each had a number of dots to count and recognise each number. All children were confident at counting numbers 1 to 10.
On Friday we went out onto the field that surrounds our pre-school to find bugs and also discussed the variety of trees around us. We found lots of bugs including ladybirds, dragonfly's, bumblebees and lots more. We also visited a barley field that is at the back of the field. The children all enjoyed walking through the barley field and looking out for more bugs, fruit trees and bushes! We spoke about barley and what it is used for. The children were very fascinated.
Also back at pre-school, one of the children found a snail so we kept an eye on it and closely observed what it was doing. With lots of encouragement, the children did not touch it and therefore we was able to see it come out of its shell. We then released it back into the wild.

Fantastic week had by all! Let's see what next week brings 😁

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