Our week at Pre-School

Posted on July 3, 2020 by LPS1

What another fun and enjoyable week at pre-school. The weather has been very up and down but we have explored different weather with the children. We had a talk about the big storm that we had on Thursday. The children observed this from the inside and we spoke about how storms are made.

We have had playdough out that stayed within our younger bubble. They added pasta and rice into it for different textures. The children also used their imaginations to make different creations such as hedgehogs.

On the sunnier days, we have played more football on the field and played ring games such as duck duck goose.

We have had a new transparent easel delivered which has been great fun. The children have been using the different resources (e.g. paints and whiteboard pens) to draw their peers who have been standing on the opposite side.

The children created a house out of wood. They worked together to balance wood pieces on each other to achieve the outcome they had hoped for. They made bedrooms by using wood to divide the rooms. They role played families once the house was built.

The crazy creatures have been a big hit this week with children having competitions to see who can make the craziest one. The children have also been using the pictures to create the same one as the picture.

We look forward to starting a new, fun-packed week next week. Enjoy your weekend everybody 😊

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