Week commencing 18th October 2021 - Our week at Pre-School

Posted on October 22, 2021 by LPS1

This week we have had Halloween themed activities. One of the activities has been decorating biscuits. The children carefully spread the icing over the biscuit using the back of a spoon. They then used a syringe to make a face with black icing. Each child made a different face. We also made playdough with spider/ insects in, we then went for a real bug hunt in the garden where we used magnifying glasses to look at the insects closely.

To carry on with Halloween themed activities, we carved pumpkins. We each had a go at scooping out the insides with our hands or spoons. The children spoke about the different textures they felt. We then made scary faces on them and displayed them in our windows at pre-school. With another pumpkin, we decided to make a scarecrow for our garden. The children stuffed clothes with straw, added wellies, a hat and scarf to him. We named him Steve

With the left-over insides from the pumpkin, we explored it in the mud kitchen and separated the pumpkin seeds so t we could have a go at growing these. The children were very excited to plant them and check them each day to see if anything has appeared. We will continue to water the soil and see what happens in the coming weeks!

On Thursday we had a pyjama party where all the children came dressed in pyjamas and enjoyed lots of Halloween treats. We would like to thank everybody who came along and sent in snacks for the children to enjoy together.

Asides from our Halloween fun, we have had lots of fun with our sensory light table. We have used the solid and hollow translucent bricks to explore colours and how the light reflects off them depending on if they are solid or translucent. We also looked at the new sticky people on the light table which encouraged communication between the children talking about how we are different and the features we have, such as different colour hair.

We spent time playing with the car garages, the farm, happy land and the zoo with has enabled the children’s imaginative play and turn taking. We also had a doctor’s surgery open where the children had a “cough” and wore face masks whilst taking each other’s temperature and pretended to administer medicines to each other. This encourages real world play and talking about how “ill” they are.

Next week is half term, we look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 1st November 2021.

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