Week commencing 1st February 2021 - Our week at Pre-School

Posted on February 5, 2021 by LPS1

This week we have been practicing our pencil control by using pencil control work sheets. The children have really enjoyed following the lines with their pencil to make the aeroplanes on the sheet meet.

We have also made playdough and used it to strengthen the muscles in our hands to help with pencil control. The children have been using playdough cutters to cut out their favourite animals. We then added dinosaurs to make footprints in the playdough.

We have some new number activities, and the children were keen to give these ago. Numbers one to ten were used to place pins into the number to discover what the number was. This is a really good way of finding out the result if the children are unsure of the number.

We have been getting creative with potatoes and cutting shapes in the potato to use with paint to then make marks on paper. The children have mixed colours together to find out which colours mix to make other colours.

The children were interested in using the lego to make towers that are taller than them this week. They used the resources around them to make the tower go taller than them. They worked together as a team to get this result. They then added animals into the lego to make enclosures as if they were at the zoo. The children spoke about when they last went to the zoo and what their favourite animals were.

What a fun week! Only one more week until half term. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week 😊

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