Week commencing 5th October 2020 - Our week at Pre-School

Posted on October 9, 2020 by LPS1

This week we have continued our dough gym, with lots of malleable movements and rotation, the children followed the instructions really well and like the silly music!

We played "Shopping list" and other memory games is week to encourage turn taking and talking through play, as they correctly identified the shopping and who may need what item on the list!

The children also played a shape game in the garden, where we drew shapes on the floor and they had to jump on the corresponding shape, this encouraged lots of physical play and following instructions.

The children are really taking to the tap a shape, and are refining their motor skills by choosing small items to make pictures and use the hammers very carefully, encouraging safe play.

We have been making cakes with our dough and decorating them with buttons and using straws for candles, enabling the children to count the candles and recall their own birthdays!

The children have been making picture of their faces, using cut out shapes of eyes, and wool hair, this has enabled them to discuss their similarities and differences, what colour their hair and eyes are, and to try and recreate themselves on paper!

The children also participated in the soft play activity, they spent time making towers and doing lots of bouncing as they built! They enjoyed finding out what fits together and how to balance them.

We are continuing our autumn theme with giant tree pictures, using natural resources, and hand and foot prints on another. The children really liked the large scale craft activity, and were able to identify the items that we used.

We would like to wish you all a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week 🙂

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