Week commencing 8th November 2021 - Our week at Pre-School

Posted on November 11, 2021 by LPS1

This week we have spoken about Remembrance Day. We looked at poppies and recreated our own ones in the expressive arts area. The children spoke about what colour paint we would need to paint the poppies, the children all agreed that the colour was red.

In the mud kitchen we have explored sand which the children have enjoyed making sand cakes for each other. They have added water, leaves and other outside resources. To extend, we added sand into a turf tray where we added in buckets and spades to recreate a beach. The children added sand into the buckets and realised the sand was too dry. One child said “we need to add water” so they got some water and added it until it became a different texture and that’s when the children were able to make sandcastles.

We have played with the soft play this week and looked at different shapes to construct buildings. For younger children, we have been identifying the colours of the soft play.

We also had lots of deliveries this week with new toys for our children. The children enjoyed helping to unbox them and each took a guess of what could be in the box. We have a new box of baking equipment so next week plan to bake some yummy treats. We also have some new ‘Whizzy Dizzy’s’ delivered. They help hand eye coordination. The children can hold the top of the whizzy dizzy and spin round. The children took turns to have a go and did very good sharing.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

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