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Fast Draw UK is wherever you are. We aim to cover the whole of the UK so you have local information and access to Services near to where you are!

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Introduction to FDUK

The Sport of Cowboy, or Western, Fast Draw has grown and diversified across the UK since the early days of the ‘60s and ‘70s. In those days, the MWA and the BWA “wrote the rule book” and all competitors knew what was acceptable. FDUK aims to be the natural evolution of those Organisations. We want to welcome and involve the whole generation who may not have had the chance to participate in the sport because social lives are different now - as many nostalgic conversations around the campfire have noted! FastDraw UK will promote YOUR club and Event. It's always YOUR Event - but we can help. We want to offer advice, training, guidance on guns (and gun laws)… in fact everything “under one roof” that the Old West Reenactor needs for his or her passion – and safely! – and so this is our Ambition.

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All-Day Shoot / Terry White Shooters Shield 2019

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Howdy Folks #FastDrawUk once again have listened to our Members and Friends, You asked for a Roundup here it is #CattleDrive (8th – 10th  May 2020)

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Remembering our FDUK Founder, in loving memory of Rob O’Toole

Don't forget in November, FDUK honour Rob with the "Troopers Trophy" so come along and try to prise the honoured trophy from the current holder - Tom O'Toole aka "The Kid" - Rob's son!