Our week at Pre-School

Posted on June 12, 2020 by LPS1

This week has been our second week back since lockdown and the children have all settled in well and starting to get back into our pre-school routine.

This week the younger children (bears/ cubs) have enjoyed exploring vehicles as well as painting the fence with water. We have again used the water wall this week and explored the different ways the water runs depending of which way the pipes are when they pour it into the pipes.

The older children (lions) have been perfecting their cutting skills and recognising the shapes they are cutting out. We also did some blow painting using paint and straws to create marble pictures. The children were particularly good at remembering they each use their own straw and once finished at the activity, to put their straw in the bin and wash their hands. Ellesse also found two caterpillars hiding in our plants. She got a magnifying glass pot and put them in for the children to look at. The children quickly identified that they change into butterflies. We looked the how many legs they had and said about the spots on them. We kept them for a day and released them back into the field outside. We hope to see some butterflies around soon!

We had two water butts donated to the pre-school from Chris Clark (thank you!) and the children have loved exploring the mud kitchen and using the water to make different types of mud pies, soups and cakes. They have communicated well to ensure they each get a turn of the water butt to get some water. We have grown our own herbs in the garden which are now being used as part of the mud kitchen to add ingredients and explore smells and how things grow.

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