Our week at Pre-School

Posted on November 29, 2019 by LPS1

This week we have been very busy and we've had lots of fun!

On Monday we went to the farm down the road to see lots of animals, we even saw a ferret! When we returned, the children drew pictures of all the animals that we saw! We played our Christmas Shopping game and have been making more decorations for our Christmas board, which is looking amazing!

On Tuesday, our soft play was delivered, the children have really enjoyed the large construction, and showed great teamwork to make a variety of different dens and structures in the soft play area.  We also extended this by playing a shape and colour matching game, which helped the children develop their recall of a variety of shapes and colours and recognising them in their environment.

On Wednesday we made chocolate cakes with lots of pretty sprinkles, all the children loved this activity, and all took part happily, this gave them opportunities to discuss where food comes from and how different ingredients can make many yummy things! We also made some Christmas bunting, using stamps and cut out shapes, which we threaded onto ribbon and hung on the ceiling, which look fantastic!

On Thursday we participated in a Happy land people activity and this encouraged the children to discuss how people can be different or the same and that there are different types of occupations, and what jobs that people that are familiar to them do, lots of lovely chat! The children also did a giant alphabet puzzle, they really enjoyed trying to identify the different letters and which one comes next!

On Friday we did some dabber painting, we made dinosaurs with the crazy creatures, had lots of fun continuing playing with the soft play and the ball pit and we had jam on toast for snack! We also had the ice-cream shop running and the children spent lots of time sharing and serving their peers, guessing their ice cream flavours!

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