Week commencing 1st November 2021 - Our week at Pre-School

Posted on November 5, 2021 by LPS1

This week we have celebrated Diwali at Pre-School. We have done this by creating rice patterns out of different coloured rice. Once we had finished with the coloured rice, we took it to explore outside in the mud kitchen in which the children used cups to fill and pour and make each other different foods. We also created henna handprints, the children were able to choose resources and create their own patterns on their hand. At circle time, we all practiced bhangra dancing. The children all took part and had lots of fun listening to the bhangra music whilst dancing to it.

We have now started to create a new head for our scarecrow outside. Previously we had a pumpkin, but we decided to donate the pumpkins back to our family who kindly gave them to us to carve so that they could be given to their goats who really enjoy eating pumpkins. We created the new head by blowing a balloon up and paper mache it to create a figure of a head. Next week we will paint this and add features of a face onto it.

Other activities that we have enjoyed this week have been exploring the light table with the 3D shapes to build houses and towers and see them light up inside. The children communicated with the adults and their peers to discuss that when it gets dark, it looks like somebody is inside. The click clack cars have also been popular this week so the children have been practising their turn taking to ensure everybody has a go.

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